Fellow Republican,

We are in a fight for our future. Harris County is a key battleground. To win, the Republican Party needs to continue to grow and build, from the ground up, at the grassroots, to win elections where they are fought — on the ground, in our neighborhoods, across Harris County.

When I became Harris County GOP Chair in June 2014, I brought a lifetime of experience leading civic and conservative Republican groups, with my pro-life and fiscally conservative principles, to build a Strong organization with a Solid positive conservative message backed by innovative Solutions.  The first former GOP precinct chair to be County Chair in over two decades, I hit the ground running to build a team to recruit, train, lead, and support our candidates and volunteeers, with novel strategies and tools to advance our principles and elect conservative Republicans.

We succeeded -- winning the strongest countywide victory in a decade in 2014, helping defeat HERO in November 2015, and contributing enormously to the December 2015 city runoff election for what experts called the closest Houston Mayor's race in over 50 years!

Republican voters overwhelmingly elected me to a second term as County Chair in May 2016. That resounding victory was made possible by volunteers who knocked on doors and made thousands of phone calls – legions of supporters who urged friends to vote and persuaded and mobilized voters in person, at the polls, by email, social media, and mail – and the broad base of donors who enabled us to deliver our message of grassroots conservatism directly to tens of thousands of voters across Harris County, to garner more votes than any other runoff contest.

We were grateful and humbled by the landslide support from Republicans across the county. This was a victory for grassroots activists and our coalition of conservative Republicans dedicated to keeping Harris County a Republican stronghold. It showed that Republicans know we need a strong party, and know how to win!

We now focus on electing our 2016 Republican ticket. We’ll need all hands on deck to win, given the challenge of a presidential year. So don't forget to visit the Harris County GOP website today to volunteer, donate, and join our team of dedicated Republicans working together to win in November. Let's Keep Harris County Republican!

Again – thanks for your vote and support. Onward!

Paul Simpson, County Chair
Harris County Republican Party